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My name is Umi, you can call me Miu. I would like to tell you about my daily activities. Every day I wake up at 5.00 am in the morning. Before I start my activities I always pray. After praying, I tidy my room, prepare for breakfast for me and my husband. I live in small village near my work place. I work as a administration office in the Sangkring Art Space. I love my job because I love art.

I go to work at 10.30 and work start at 11.00 am until 6.00 pm. I work during 6 days then get 1 day off. If any exhibition I work until 10.00 pm. After working I do Yoga twice a week, language course one a week and sometime hang out with some friends. My hobby is listening music, watching movie, cooking, traveling, reading a book and novel. In Sunday I usualy cooking or walking around with my husband.

Thursday At 8.00 pm I usualy study language, I took mandarin and Korean language course by online. After that I prepare for sleep. I usualy sleep at 10.00 pm. Before I sleep I always listening music until I sleep.